European-Style Roof Solutions To Make Your Home More Resistant To Wear And Damage

If you are tired of repairing your asphalt shingles, you may want more durable solutions. For centuries, high-quality materials like slate and clay tiles have been used for the roofs throughout Europe. Today, there are also a lot of options to have these durable materials installed on the roof of your home. How will you give your home a new European-style roof?

Real clay tile roofs

The clay tiles that are installed on many homes in Europe can also be used for your new roof. When installing clay tile roofing, there are a few things that you need to consider. Some things to remember about installing clay tiles on your home include:

  • Consider reinforcing the roof structure
  • Use quality clay materials with uniform color
  • Routinely check the roof and do maintenance after installation

Clay tile can be a great way to give your home the look of European-style architecture. Different colors and styles of clay tiles can also be installed on your home.

Understanding slate roofing

The slate tiles that come from Europe are another great solution to give your home a durable roof. These materials are durable and attractive and will give your home an elegant roof. Some of the benefits of slate tile roofing to give your home a European style include:

  • Slate roofing is a heavy, durable stone
  • Alternatives like limestone are available where slate is too expensive
  • Stone tile roofing will last for generations
  • Simple upkeep will ensure slate tiles last

If you want an elegant-looking roof with durable roofing materials, slate and stone alternatives are a great option for your home.

Modern cement tile roofing

Today, there are also cement-like alternatives that can be used for European-style home designs. But, what is the difference between the clay and cement materials?

  • Durable alternatives to natural stone
  • Cement tiles are available in different styles
  • Artificial colors can be added to cement

These are some of the main differences between the cement and clay tile materials that you have installed on your home.

Shake and synthetic roofing materials

There are also shake roofing options that you will want to consider for your home. In addition to the conventional wood materials, there are also options for synthetic shake-style roofing. This can be a good option if you are looking for alternatives to wood and heavy clay tile materials.

When you get ready to install a new roof, European-style designs will give your home a more durable solution. Call your roofing contractor and talk to them about these solutions for European-style architecture.

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