How To Know That Your Roof Need Restoration

Investing in quality roofing is crucial. Even so, continuous exposure to harsh sunlight, wind, and rain can break even the strongest of roofs. Sometimes, roof damage can catch you by surprise. To avoid falling victim, here are the signs of the need for roof restoration you should watch out for. 

Peeling Paints

Suppose you have noticed your roof paint peeling off and ignored it; that is a disaster in waiting. Usually, the paint plays a vital role in protecting your home from harsh weather elements. 

Once it starts peeling off, your home gets exposed to rust and untimely wear and tear. Additionally, it makes your home look old and neglected. If you intend to sell the home in the future, chipped roof paint can significantly cut down its actual value. With that said, you should consider repainting your roof when the paint begins to peel off.

Presence of Moss and Algae

If you live in a region with high humidity, your roof may get infested by algae and moss. They can spread pretty fast and into spaces between roof tiles and shingles. As they squeeze their way into these areas, the roof will start lifting off.

When that happens, the roof might begin to rot and decay. If you notice these plants growing on your roof, it is advisable to clear them out immediately in order to minimize the spread. If they have spread on the entire roof, you should seek advice from a professional roof restoration expert on whether or not to replace the roof.

Traces of Shingle Granules on the Gutter

The function of your home's gutter system is to collect rainwater. But the water can carry objects down the gutters. Over time, your roof shingles will start to crack, curl, or break off. As this happens, you will find traces of shingle granules in the gutters. That is a clear indicator that you need to do some roof restoration as soon as possible.

When you move into a new home, there is a sense of relief. You have your personal space to enjoy. However, after years of service, your home will need some repairs and replacements here and there. If your roof has served you for twenty years or beyond, you should look out for the above signs. Contact a roofing contractor near you to help you make an informed decision when your roof is due for restoration. 

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