Is Your Commercial Roof Threatening Your Employees' Safety? 3 Signs It Is Time To Have It Replaced

Commercial roofing systems can withstand severe weather, flying debris, and other challenges for many years. Nevertheless, their stability, durability, and performance do not make them immune to damage. For instance, as your commercial roof approaches the end of its lifespan, it may develop severe issues that may expose your business, employees, clients, and guests to weather damage. For instance, your aged commercial roof may develop huge openings due to natural wear and tear. When it rains, your cracked roof will expose your valuables to water damage. Moreover, a cracked or leaky roof will put the health of your employees at risk. As a business owner, if your commercial roof is over two decades old, replacing it with a new one is the wisest decision to make rather than repairing it. 

The following signs will help you know when it is time to hire a commercial roofing professional to replace your damaged commercial roof: 

Your Roof Is Sagging After a Storm

Your commercial roof is not immune to storm damage. When a heavy storm or hurricane hits your commercial property, some of your roof's sections may get damaged or blown off. It's advisable to act as fast as possible in such a situation before more damage occurs in your business. It is advisable to call a commercial roof contractor to assess the level of damage. If your commercial roof is extremely ruined by the storm, replacing it with a new one is the best idea.   

Your Cooling and Heating Bills Are Increasing Every Month

Your commercial roof may also need an immediate replacement if your heating and cooling bills have been skyrocketing. If your aged commercial roof has cracks, holes, tears, or leaks, it will not protect your business from weather damage. Moreover, the tears or holes will allow excess heat to get into your business during summer. The excess heat can make your employees uncomfortable and unproductive. You will have to overwork your HVAC to keep your premises cool and comfortable for your workers, which will increase your energy bills. However, you can save money on cooling or heating bills by hiring a commercial roofing contractor to replace your malfunctioning commercial roof.  

Your Roof's Shingles and Frames Are Severely Damaged

Your roof's shingles and frames may develop problems or get damaged due to severe reasons. For instance, they may wear out naturally as your commercial roof ages. Additionally, overgrown tree branches may fall on your roof and cause severe damage to your shingles and frames. Once the frames get compromised, your roof may weaken and collapse, causing severe injuries to your employees. The damaged shingles may also expose your business to leaking and water damage. In such a situation, hiring a skilled commercial roofing contractor to examine and replace the damaged roof is the best decision to make.

As a business owner, it's advisable to hire commercial roofers regularly to inspect and maintain your commercial roof. If they identify any of the problems discussed in this article, it's imperative to invest in a new commercial roof before it is too late. A new and well-installed commercial roof will improve safety and comfort in your business.  

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