5 Reasons to Install Rain Gutters on Your Home

Gutters may seem like a small improvement, but they can provide big benefits to your home. When installed properly, a roof gutter system can prevent a lot of damage.

1. Eave Rot

Water running off the roof will also run over the fascia boards on your eaves. If you have wood fascia, then you are exposing the edge of your roof to major damages. Repeated moisture exposure can lead to weakened and peeling paint, which then reveals the wood and increases the chances that it will develop rot. Once rot sets in the wooden eaves must be replaced. Gutters route away water and prevent extensive moisture on the eaves.

2. Foundation Damage

Water flowing over the eaves also hits the ground and collects against the foundation. Excessive moisture near a foundation increases the chances of water incursion through the concrete and foundation damage. This is due to hydrostatic pressure caused by a buildup of water in the soil up against the foundation. A properly installed gutter and downspout system prevents water from collecting near the foundation.

3. Entrance Concerns

Running up to the front door during a downpour can be even more frustrating if you have to struggle to unlock it as water courses onto you from the roof. Gutters provide some protection over entrance ways since they route roof runoff well away from the door or porch area. This is both more comfortable and safer when you must be at the entrance during a rain storm. 

4. Landscaping Problems

Border beds around the perimeter of your home can be quite attractive when filled with foliage and colorful flowers. Unfortunately, the force of running water can kill plants or leave them tattered and unattractive. Guttering prevents excessive runoff from flowing off the roof and into the border beds around your home. Instead, it is safely routed to a downspout where the flow can empty in an area that won't cause damage to your plants. 

5. Runoff Management

Erosion in the yard can also be an issue if water is allowed to flow off the roof without direction. A properly constructed gutter system routes runoff water so erosion isn't an issue. Downspouts can be piped right into an underground drainage system, for example, or they can empty into a rock lined drainage area. This way you don't have to worry about erosion damaging the yard or causing other problems on the property.

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