What Are Residential Roofing Services?

Your home's roof provides coverage for your family and all your belongings. A roof is designed to keep snow, water, and debris out of your house. However, roofs can become damaged over time. Regular roofing services are required to keep your roof in good shape, and a residential roofing company can help. Here are four services that a residential roofing company can provide:

1. Roof Repair

Roof repair can save you from needing a brand new roof. When minor problems are caught early, they can be remedied without the need for a full roof replacement. Roof repair can take the form of replacing shingles that have cracked or fallen off your roof. Missing shingles represent weaknesses in your roof that can serve as an entry point for water damage.

2. Roof Waterproofing

Waterproofing is important for all residential roofs, whether you live in a dry climate or not. Even occasional rain and snow can cause significant water damage if your roof isn't adequately waterproofed. Roofs are typically protected by a few different layers of waterproofing. A solid sheet of waterproof material is laid down beneath your shingles, and the shingles themselves should be treated with a waterproof coating. A residential roofing service can renew your roof's waterproofing so it will stay dry in all weather.

3. Roof Replacement

Some homes, especially those constructed many years ago, have roofs in a state of severe disrepair. If your roof is missing many shingles and the remaining shingles are curled, discolored, or cracked, you may require a roof replacement. During a roof replacement, roofers will remove all your existing shingles. They will replace damaged boards atop your roof before covering your entire roof with waterproof roofing paper. Finally, new shingles will be carefully applied. You can choose a color, style, and material of shingle that corresponds with your budget and design sensibilities.

4. Roof Inspections

Last but not least, residential roofing companies offer roof inspections. Roof inspections can identify roofing problems that may not be noticeable at a glance. During a roofing inspection, roofers can spot shingle damage, water damage, structural damage, and more. Regular roof inspections can prevent costly catastrophes. In addition to annual roof inspections, you should also have your roof inspected any time your roof sustains damage during a storm. Storms can weaken roofs, leaving them more susceptible to damage from later storms. Based on their findings, your roof inspector will make suggestions for roof improvements.

If you need help with any of these things, contact a residential roofing service near you.

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