The Pros And Cons Of Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a trending option for residential homes because of its durability and energy efficiency. If you're one of the many folks weighing the advantages and disadvantages of choosing metal as your roofing option, here are a few of the most relevant pros and cons of one of the most used metal options — exposed fastener metal roofing.  



An exposed fastener metal roof uses metal screws to fasten the panels directly to the roof deck as opposed to standing seam roofing that uses concealed clips and fasteners. The benefit of exposed fasteners is economical in both cost of materials and labor. Because the roofing system is simpler to install with fewer specialty pieces, you save significantly more money in the long run by choosing exposed fasteners. In fact, an exposed fastener roof costs less than a standing seam roof. And since the fasteners will be painted to match the color of the panels, they'll blend into the roof anyway.  

Energy Efficient

Another major advantage of an exposed fastener metal roof is its efficiency. This is a major consideration when many parts of the country are experiencing unprecedented heatwaves. The reason metal is such a great roofing material is that it reflects the sun's heat rather than absorbing it. Additionally, you can choose options that are even more reflective such as light colors and extra-reflective coatings.  


Another great characteristic of a metal roof is that it's strong and long-lasting, making it one of the more durable materials in the roofing market. In the past, exposed fastener metal roofs gained a bad reputation because they were installed with rubber washers that tended to fail because of UV exposure after only a decade or so. Today installers use UV-protected neoprene washers that last far longer.  



Some homeowners avoid metal roofing because of the additional noise, such as pattering or drumming sound that can happen during a rainstorm. However, others find this white noise calming and don't mind the additional sound.   

More Expensive Than Other Materials

Another downside of an exposed fastener metal roof is that it costs more than other traditional materials like asphalt shingles. In truth, a metal roof can cost more than an asphalt roof. However, many homeowners consider the added lifespan, durability, and energy efficiency worth the extra cost upfront.

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