Information On Some Of The Best Roofs For Certain Climates

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a roof. However, one of the most important things to keep in mind throughout the decision process is where you live. Certain types of roofs are just going to fare better in certain regions. Weather conditions and other regional variations can have a lot to do with how long a roof lasts, both before it needs repairs and before it needs a full replacement. Obviously, you want to go with the roof that's going to last you a long time and require as little as possible in the way of repairs. Here are things to know about different climates and some of the best roofs for those climates: 

Metal can be great for mountain climates

If you live in the mountains, then you want to look for a roofing material that looks good and also handles the weather conditions that come with mountain living. These conditions can include a lot of rain, freezing temperatures, plenty of snow, and the possibility of nearby forest fires. Metal roofs are excellent for mountain homes because they check all of the boxes. 

Some types of metal, such as copper and aluminum, are rust resistant. However, even when another type of metal is used for a roof, that metal will be treated with a coating, such as a zinc coating, that will ensure the metal is well protected against rust and corrosion. Metal roofs also have good insulation to help with the home's heating and cooling efficiency. The metal is also fire-resistant, which can be very important when wildfires are a concern. 

Clay tiles can be very good for desert homes

Desert homes are exposed to a lot of sun and extreme heat for long periods of time. Then, there is the occasional monsoon that brings very strong winds, an excessive amount of rain that falls quickly, and hail. Clay tile roofs can be very good in a desert climate.

Clay tiles are a great choice right off the bat because they help to give desert homes the extra touch they need to accomplish the very popular Southwest design most homes in the desert already have. Also, clay tiles have a shape that allows air to flow through them, helping to cool below the surface of the roof, and this helps keep the home cooler more efficiently. The tiles also withstand all the sunlight without being damaged or faded by it, and the tiles hold up well in monsoon conditions. 

Wood shingles are great for beach homes

Wood shingles are great for homes that are near the beach because they do much more than just add a great look to the homes they are on. Wood shingles offer a lot of features that help the roofs of beach homes last longer. 

Wood shingles handle high winds well and this is a very important quality to look for in a roof when a home is near the beach, especially on the East coast where hurricanes occur. Also, wood shingles handle other conditions well that can occur regularly in these areas, such as heat waves, sandy conditions, and salty conditions.

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