What Are The Primary Reasons Roofs Leak?

While some roofing problems are associated with specific roof types only, others can happen regardless of the type of roof you have. A leaking roof is one such example. If left unaddressed for a long time, roof leaks have the potential to cause extensive and potentially expensive water damage to your home, but why do they occur? 

There are plenty of reasons why your residential roof may develop leaks. Learning about the usual culprits can help you know where to look when water starts seeping through your roof. That said, roof leaks typically occur due to one or more factors, as highlighted below.

Poor Roof Design

For your residential roof to be effective at keeping the weather out, it should be designed with your local climate in mind. This requires determining the appropriate material and slope for your roof installation. 

Design errors are one of the most common reasons roofs leak. The lack of efficient draining can cause water to sit too long on a low-slope roof. As the ponding water tries to find other ways of exiting the roof's surface, it may easily create leaks within your roofing system. 

Choosing the wrong roofing material can also lead to roof leaks. For example, wood shingles may easily rot in rainy climates and allow leaks to develop. For maximum protection from the rain, you may be better off going for non-wood roofing choices such as metal, slate tiles, and asphalt shingles.

Poor Roof Installation

Another reason why your roof may develop leaks is if it wasn't built correctly. Having holes and gaps around roof features such as vents, chimneys, and skylights can lead to water penetrating through your roof when it rains.

If you notice the signs of a leaking roof after your roof has been installed, this is a clear indication of roof installation errors. If your roofer offered a workmanship warranty, you can ask them to come back to your home to address the problem. Otherwise, you'll need to pay for roof leak repairs out of pocket.

Poor Roof Maintenance

No matter how well they are designed and installed, all roofs require ongoing maintenance to remain leak-free. Undertaking routine maintenance on your residential roof helps you stay on top of problems that may lead to roof leaks. This puts you in a good position to take corrective action before your roof begins leaking.

If you haven't been inspecting, cleaning, or maintaining your home's roof from time to time, it's bound to start leaking at some point.

Many roofing issues are usually caused by errors in roof design, installation, and maintenance. If you see the first signs of a leaking roof, don't hesitate to contact a roofing repair service near you.

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