5 Benefits Of TPO Roofing Membranes

When looking at roof membrane options for a commercial flat roof, look no further than TPO. This single-ply roofing membrane can be the perfect option for your building.

1. CostEffective

When compared to similar membrane roofing options, TPO is one of the most cost-effective. The material itself costs less compared to PVC, for example, so the overall installation price will end up being much lower. TPO is also easy to work with and install, which can lead to lower labor costs in regards to the new roof as well. 

2. Easy Installation

TPO roofing is extremely flexible and lightweight, which means it is easy for installers to work with it when it comes to laying it out on the roof and cutting it to fit. It has weldable seams, as well, which increases waterproofing ability while also making easy work out of seam sealing for your installers. This easy installation means that putting in your new roof will take less time and cause less of a construction impact on your business. 

3. Versatile

An odd-shaped roof can sometimes make it difficult when it comes to choosing a roofing material, but TPO is not limited to certain roof shapes. The membrane can be cut into any configuration and then sealed in place. Angles, curves, and odd abutments aren't an issue with a roofing material that can be cut to shape with simple tools and without much effort. Its light weight also means that it can be installed over weight-sensitive parts of a roof, such as overhangs.  

4. Durable

Although lightweight and inexpensive, TPO is also durable. It's made to withstand UV damage, so there is no fear of it breaking down early due to sunlight and weathering. The material is also flexible so that it can expand and contract without cracking when exposed to temperature fluctuations. When properly maintained, a TPO membrane roof can last for many years without any major problems.

5. Energy Efficient

Not only will TPO save you money during installation, but it can also continue to save you money with decreased energy costs over the years. The membrane is made with a light, reflective color that helps reflect away heat so that cooling costs for your building are much lower. Most TPO roofing products come with an Energy Star rating that can help guide you on discovering potential energy savings. 

Contact a commercial roofing service to learn more about your TPO roofing options.

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