Considering Reroofing? Benefits to Note

When it comes to dealing with damage and repairs on your home's roof, you've probably come to a point where you defer to the professionals before trying to do the job yourself. This is a good decision because mistakes on your roof can be costly at best and downright hazardous at worst. If you are currently having a damaged roof evaluated, your roofing contractor may be suggesting that you consider reroofing instead of removal and replacement. Here's a look at what you should know about this roof repair option.

Reroofing Is Cheaper

Since reroofing involves simply applying a second roofing layer over the existing one, you'll find that the process is cheaper than a roof replacement. Even though it uses as much material to cover the roof, you don't have to pay for the labor and disposal associated with removing the old roofing materials. Instead, your new roofing materials are simply applied on top.

Reroofing Is Particular

You'll definitely want to make sure that you get a recommendation from a professional roofing contractor before you consider reroofing. That's because the reroofing process is a particular one. You have to be sure that the existing roof is in sound enough condition to support the additional roofing layer without allowing damage to worsen beneath. 

Additionally, you'll need to ensure that there is, in fact, only one layer of roofing materials. If there's already been a reroofing application, you'll need to have the roof stripped and replaced. These are important considerations to ensure that your reroofing project is successful.

Reroofing Is Faster

If you want to have your roofing issues resolved as quickly as possible and with as little disruption to your routine as can be, reroofing is a viable option. Since there's no removal of existing roofing materials involved, and the new roofing material is just directly applied, you'll find that reroofing projects are much faster than a full roof replacement.

This is ideal because the sooner you address roofing damage, the less risk you'll have of it worsening. And, when you opt for reroofing, you'll get the benefit of the resolution without the lengthy disruption that can often come from a whole new roof replacement.

When you understand the benefits of reroofing, it's easy to see why some roofing contractors recommend this for their clients. If you're considering reroofing instead of replacement, talk with your roofing contractor about your options to see if your roof is a good fit for this solution.

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