Dangers of Not Asking for Help When Water Is Pooling on Your Roof

If you are a business owner that typically focuses on the money-generating aspects of your business, you may forget to keep an eye on the state of your commercial property. As such, your flat roof is bound to suffer. The thing that some business owners do not take into account when it comes to their commercial flat roofs is that this structure is higher vulnerable to ponding water due to its flat nature.

Hence, routine maintenance is key to preventing undue damage to it. If the roof is left unchecked for prolonged periods, water starts to pool on the roof, and it will be imperative to seek professional assistance to avoid roofing replacement. If you remain unconvinced, check out the following dangers of neglecting the services of a commercial roofer when water is pooling on your roof.

1. Comprehensive water damage

Undoubtedly, water damage is the leading hazard posed when water is left to collect on your flat roof unabated. Nonetheless, not many business owners know what type of water damage that they are up against. While some may simply assume that the only damage they will have to worry about is the discoloration of their roofing, the reality is that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

To begin with, when there is a considerable volume of water on your roof. It not only seeps through the roofing supplies but also adds a substantial amount of weight to this structure. Therefore, the roof will not only be susceptible to leaks but will also sag to the point that it collapses in on itself. Instead of waiting to deal with an emergency on your hands, consider hiring a commercial roofer.

2. Extensive plant growth

The second danger posed by leaving pooling water on the surface of your flat roof is the unbridled growth of unwanted vegetation. A mistake that some business owners make is thinking this plant growth does not pose a problem since it is transforming their flat roof into a roof garden, but this is grossly incorrect. What these business owners are not considering is the fact that roof gardens are planted strategically.

When vegetation is left to spread unencumbered around your roof, its roots will steadily penetrate through the protective layer at the surface of the flat roof. Consequently, this layer is rendered useless, and now the pooling water seeps into the roofing materials at a faster rate. Secondly, the shade brought about by the plant growth creates a favorable environment for mold growth, which will be a health concern for you and your employees. It is imperative to hire a commercial roofing contractor immediately to restore your flat roof.

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