How To Prepare For Roof Replacement

After months of saving and waiting for the perfect weather, it's finally time to replace your roof. You've contacted a contractor, set a roof replacement date, and worked out all the logistics. Now, all that's left is to prepare the roof for a replacement. 

Here's how you can prepare for the project.

Decide If You'll Stay

Roof replacement typically takes several days to a week to complete. It's loud and annoying, especially for those living under the roof. You can decide to move your family out for a week until the roof replacement is complete or deal with the noise. 

Notify Your Neighbors 

A roof replacement might sound like an exciting project for you, but not everyone will have the same view. Your neighbors will have to deal with the additional noise and workers moving in and out of your property. 

Be courteous enough to notify your neighbors of your roof replacement project. This should help ease their minds and figure out how to calm their kids and pets during the replacement period. 

Take Valuables Off Your Walls 

Typically, a roof replacement project will involve tons of hard-hitting tools and equipment that will cause vibrations. These vibrations will dislodge objects off your walls and cabinets. If you have paintings, expensive cutlery, murals, or any other valuables on your walls and cabinets, take them down while the roof is being worked on. 

Move Your Cars

If you have cars in your garage or driveway, move them before the project commences. This will prevent car damage from debris falling from the roof. Also, it will provide space for the contractor to pack their work vehicle for easy access to their tools and construction materials. 

Clear Your Attic

Roof replacement projects are messy, and most of the debris and dust will fall into your attic. If you store valuables in your attic, ensure you clear them before the project begins. This will help prevent damage by debris and dust during roof installation. 

The roofing contractor will be careful, but there is no guarantee that dust or debris won't fall into your attic. Therefore, clear what you can and cover the bulky items to protect them from falling shingles and dust. 

Prepare Your Landscape 

Roofing contractors need easy access to your roof, and trees might hinder that. If you have trees and plants around your home, think of protective measures to limit the damage. You can prune the branches hanging close to the roof and lay protective netting over your plants. Also, mow your grass beforehand to make it easier to locate and pick out pieces of debris that fall on your lawn. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a residential roof repair service, such as Sombreros Roofing.

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