Understanding What It Means To Reroof Your Home At Any Time Of The Year

One of the things that homeowners want to know is if they can replace their roof at any time when they discover the damage. However, competent roofing contractors insist that a roofing project can work any time of the year. The most important thing is the homeowner's preparation level for the project. As long as you are prepared, competent roofers will find a way to make it happen. The biggest mistake people make is wanting to replace damage as soon as they discover it. A hasty roof replacement project will not work, regardless of the time of the year. Here are some of the pros and cons of replacing your roof throughout the seasons. 

Springtime Reroofing

Spring comes after the coldest season of the year and brings some warmth into the environment. It is also when people assess their homes and all damage that could have happened during the long cold months. Leaks are a common experience in the spring, followed by drafts and cave-ins because of the weight of the snow. Spring is an excellent season to remodel your home because the temperatures are moderate. For example, if you are roofing your home with asphalt shingles, they will need temperatures higher than forty-five degrees to adhere to the frame, making spring a favorable time.

Summer and Autumn Reroofing

Most contractors recommend that you reroof your home in the summer or fall seasons. They prefer these two seasons because the temperature and humidity are perfect. However, since this is the optimal time of the year, you should expect the contractors to be very busy managing different construction requests. You should be ready to wait in line until the contractors get to your house. The weather conditions in the summer and fall are ideal for both the roofers and the materials, and most roofs installed in this season last for decades. 

Holiday Season Reroofing

The holiday season is a difficult season for roofers to complete their projects. The biggest issue with winter replacements is that the temperatures often drop below forty degrees. Shingles need temperatures higher than that to stick to the top of the house. Snow is another risk factor in the winter. However, a competent contractor can still handle a winter replacement for you. 

A competent roofing contractor will know what to do to adequately replace your roof regardless of the season of the year. Consult them for a quotation and advice on the best time to do it.

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