4 Material Options You Will Get From A Professional Roofer

You will reap maximum benefits from your roof when you go for the appropriate material. But with the countless roofing material in the market, you have to be keen when selecting one.

Professional roofers recommend that you consider factors like toughness, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal when picking a roof. So, take a look at four common material options to choose from. 

Tin Roofing Option

Tin roofs come from rolled steel coated with tin. Usually, the product takes the unique attributes of each material used to make it. For example, steel is excellent when you need a durable roofing system that can stand harsh weather for many decades. Besides, it resists bending, breaking, and other damages that affect softer metals. 

On the other hand, tin does not get rust. When combined, the two elements create a resilient and lasting roofing material. While roofing your house with tin is not a cheap undertaking, it will be worth the cost over the years since it requires very little maintenance. 

Slate Tile Roofing

Slate is another popular roofing alternative you might want to consider. It is the heaviest roofing material available but quite costly compared to other options. It comes from carefully broken stones that roofing contractors nail onto your roof using special techniques. 

Once you have installed a slate roof on your building, it can remain intact and appealing for many decades without significant repairs because slate does not freeze in the winter, and water does not damage it, unlike other materials such as asphalt shingles. The roof is also highly energy-efficient because it keeps your home cool in the summer and has the needed thermal mass to keep it warm in the winter. 

Roofing with Rubber

Rubber comes in rolls that you can install over your home with ease. The exceptional benefit of installing a rubber roof is that it comes from recycled materials, making it sustainable. Rubber roofs are similar to asphalt shingles in many aspects, but they need less maintenance. 

Foam Roofs

Foam is relatively new compared to the options mentioned above. However, it is the only roofing material that creates a seamless roofing system. Once the contractor sprays the foam, you will get a hard surface that can withstand high impact. Nevertheless, it needs reapplication every few years to maintain its waterproof quality.

You can choose a roofing material from one of the above types based on your needs and preferences. But seek the assistance of roofers as they will help you evaluate the qualities you need and pick the ideal choice.

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