Things That Affect How Quickly Your Commercial Roof Replacement Can Be Completed

If you know your commercial roof is old and in bad shape, you may want to schedule your roof replacement at a convenient time rather than put it off until the roof starts leaking. The process of a commercial roof replacement could take weeks to complete, and a lot depends on the size of your roof and a few other factors.

The Permit

When you make your initial call to the roofer, you'll need to make an appointment to have your roof inspected. Then the roofer creates a plan for replacing your roof that you need to approve and that can be submitted for the permit. The roofer handles obtaining the permit and doing the paperwork, but the speed at which the permit is approved depends on how quickly your local codes office works. The time between your initial call to the roofer and when the permit is ready could be weeks.

The Schedule

Before work begins, your roofer has to finalize the plans for placing the materials needed and the schedule for doing the work. Details such as placement of the dumpster and positioning of roofing supplies have to be done with safety in mind as well as convenience for the work crew. Your commercial roof replacement should avoid disruption as much as possible, but certain parts of the job will be noisy and bothersome to workers in your building.

The roofing contractor may schedule the most disruptive parts of the job for the times when your building has the fewest employees working. The contractor also has to work around weather delays.

Some roofing materials, such as adhesives, may need to be applied during a certain temperature range. High winds and rain could bring work to a halt until the roof has dried. Instead of the roof replacement being ongoing work that is completed in a few days, the work may start and stop and be completed over a period of weeks.

The Amount Of Work Needed

If you have your commercial roof replacement done before your roof has too much water damage, the work will go faster. If the roofer has to replace a large part of the roof deck before the new roof is put on, that increases the amount of work needed to be done, and it makes the work take longer. Plus, certain types of commercial roofing take longer to install than others.

The speed at which your new roof is installed can also depend on how much work has to be coordinated with other contractors. For instance, HVAC and satellite equipment might need to be moved when it's time to put new roofing where the equipment is located.

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