Sustainable Shingles For Roofing Installation

If you are considering a new roof for your property, you may also be considering going sustainable. This means finding and sourcing shingles and their materials that help rather than hurt the environment. These types of shingles can offer more than one environmental benefit to your property as well. Here are a few of the sustainable shingles that may interest you along with their benefits. 

Recycled Rubber Shingles

Recycled rubber shingles are something many property owners do not know about. This type of sustainable shingle uses recycled rubber from various sources. The result is a high durability single that requires low maintenance. It can be painted to whatever color scheme suits you and your landscaping. This sustainable option also helps with various energy issues including heat reduction in the home and with insulation assistance during both winter and summer months. The shingles are also low-cost and can be installed as easily as standard asphalt shingles.

Solar Shingles

Solar shingles are the most commonly thought of sustainable shingle option. This is due to their ability to generate power from the sun and use it as an alternative to electricity. The use of solar shingles has advanced as well. Instead of being panels that are attached to a preexisting roof, you can now have the shingles placed along the roof. This means you can cover the roof in the solar shingles, or you can choose to only use them in a portion of the roofing. These shingles help by offering a sustainable energy source for your home, though depending on your location the maintenance during certain times of the year may require a professional. 

Clay Shingles

Clay shingles are common in dry and warm climates such as the desert and similar areas of the United States. The shingles are usually placed in an overlapping or stacked method that helps to reduce the chance of water standing or pooling after heavy rain. The tiles, or shingles, are low maintenance and offer the benefit of reducing higher temperatures in the home during hotter months of the year. They are ideal for areas that see little rain and snow, but do see higher warm temperatures year-round. 

When you are ready for your new roof installation, contact a roofing contractor. They can help with a roofing inspection and determine which options may be ideal for you. They can also suggest upgrades to the materials you choose or to the roof itself.

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