Storm Damage Repair: What Signs Should You Watch Out For?

Storms can get pretty violent and feature strong winds, thunder, and lightning in some cases. As such, it's no surprise that your roof may end up getting a fair share of damages in the process of protecting you. For instance, the tree next to your house can fall on your roof, damaging it a great deal. 

That is why you should hire storm damage roof repair services after every storm to check for any signs of damage for timely action. You might be wondering what your roofer will be checking for. Below are the obvious signs of roof storm damage.

The Situation on the Ground

Before your roofer climbs up on your roof, they will start by looking for any clues on the ground. That is because storms can sometimes scrap and blow some granules that shield your shingles from UV rays' damage to the ground. This will help them determine the level of damage on your roof. On your part, it is advisable to know what those granules look like so you can ask for urgent repairs next time you notice the same.

A Crooked Chimney

A storm can also have adverse effects on your chimney. This happens due to a damaged flashing seal that causes water to seep into your house's interior. In this case, your chimney may no longer stand straight, and this means it must be repaired right away. Again this is something that you can easily spot yourself without getting to the top of your roof.

A Leaking Attic

After a storm, leaks may manifest through your ceiling. You need immediate storm damage roof repair services whenever you see this sign before all hell breaks loose. To better understand the situation, go into the attic with your flashlight and check for any dampness on the walls, insulation, or lumber. In your inspection, you might also note some mold growing too. Leave the fixing to your roofer; they have the right tools and experience to handle such roofing issues.

Shingle Damage

As already seen, some shingle damage can be seen from the ground. However, your roofer will still climb to the top to see the extent of the damage. Storm damages often split, crack, tear or curl up your shingles, especially if it was a hail storm. In dire situations, the damages may extend to the underlayment, and some shingles may also go missing. Such situations may require a complete roof replacement. However, you need to contact a storm damage roof repair company so they can determine the best approach to use.

As a general rule of thumb, you should not wait until the problem comes up to call a storm damage roof repair expert. Instead, it would help if you made it a routine after every storm. For more information, contact a storm damage roof repair professional such as Brandon J Roofing.

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