Repairs That Flat Roofing Systems May Need

Flat roofs are a basic and popular style for both residential and commercial structures. While flat roofing systems can be among the most affordable to install, they can experience problems indicating that you need to have the flat roof replaced.

Low Areas Forming In The Flat Roof

Low areas forming on the flat roof can pose some substantial problems for the structure. When these low areas develop, they can trap water and prevent it from draining from the roof. These areas of ponding water can worsen due to the added weight that the water will add. In fact, it can be common for the low areas to increase as a result of the additional weight weakening the surrounding portions of the roof. This can lead to far more water getting trapped, which can cause this issue to further escalate. When these low areas are fairly limited in size, they can often be patched without replacing the entire roof. This can be done by applying spray foam or rubber to the area until it is level.

Alligator Cracking Across Much Of The Surface Of The Flat Roof

Widespread alligator cracking is another issue that can have devastating impacts on your roof. When these alligator cracks form, they can allow large amounts of rainwater and condensation to seep into the roof. These materials can further degrade the rubber or spray foam, which can lead to the cracks worsening. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to adequately repair alligator cracking that is occurring over large portions of the roof. Rather, replacing the flat roof may be the most viable solution for eliminating this problem for the structure.

Warping Due To The Roof Coating Shrinking

Rubber and spray foam are two of the more common types of materials to use on flat roofs. These materials are capable of lasting for decades before needing to be replaced. However, it can be possible for these materials to actually shrink in response to the temperature and moisture extremes that the roof can experience. If substantial shrinkage occurs, it could lead to there being gaps between the roofing material and the rest of the structure. This problem will be especially noticeable along the edges of the roof. Professional installation of the roof is one option for avoiding this problem as these contractors are sure to use enough roofing materials to prevent this problem from being able to form. If you are noticing this issue with your roof, repairs should be scheduled to close these openings before water damage can have a chance to occur.

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