4 Reasons Why Your Commercial Roof Has A Short Life Span

Reliability and long lifespans are the most critical factors when choosing a roofing contractor, materials, or technique. The life expectancy of most commercial roofs spans between 10 to 40 years, based on various factors. Sometimes these roofs don't meet the expectations despite proper maintenance and installation techniques. By understanding roofing techniques, maintenance, and requirements, you'll know what shortens their life span.

Check out these critical factors that can affect the roof's durability. 

Type of Roofing Material and Coating

Choosing an inappropriate roofing material that doesn't work well in your region is one of the primary factors that will affect its lifespan. Steel, zinc, copper, and aluminum are the most common roofing metals used in commercial roofs. Some types of steel, depending on their coating, like zinc coating in galvanized steel and aluminum in aluminized steel, usually increase the roof's lifespan. 

The better the coating material and the type of metal used, the more expensive the roofing material. Consider your environment and the recommendations of local roofing experts when preparing a budget for the roof. 

Weather Conditions

Harsh weather conditions like extreme ultraviolet rays, heavy rains, or strong winds can damage the roof and shorten its lifespan. Extreme heat or cold causes the roof materials to rapidly expand and contract respectively, thus deteriorating their quality over time. 

When choosing your preferred commercial roofing services, ensure they understand the different building codes and area requirements to get the best roof that will last for a long time. 

Type of Roofing Structure

The two most common roof types are pitched and flat roofs. Their installation and maintenance needs will affect the quality and durability of the roof. Flat commercial roofs are more susceptible to damage and have shorter lifespans than pitched roofs. 

Flat roofs also retain a lot of debris, moisture, and water during rainy or snowy seasons. When this debris and water pools on the roof, it can weaken some parts of the roof, thus causing leaks that damage the roof. 

Quality of Installation

Poor roofing installation will cause numerous replacements and repairs, especially for flat commercial roofs. Proper installations start with qualified commercial roofing experts. They need to understand your needs and the construction requirements to provide quality commercial roofing services. Discussing the roofing project's details with the roofers will ensure you get quality results. 

The above factors degrade the quality of the roofs faster than expected. You'll find that you need a roof replacement after about a decade, which will be expensive. Hire quality commercial roofing services to ensure your roof lasts long. For more information, reach out to a local commercial roofing service.

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