Roof Maintenance That Saves You From Needing Major Roofing Repairs

Proper roofing maintenance can extend the life of your roof and it can also prevent damage to the roof that would require expensive repairs. Of course, the first and most important step in roof maintenance is inspecting it. You need to make sure to look over the roof regularly. Look at it from the ground and also find a way to look at it from the top. This will require you to use a ladder for at least the highest roof. You may be able to see a good portion of any lower roofs from windows. Here are the important things to look for during the inspection and other tips for maintaining the roof.

The Roof Itself

As you look over the roof, take stock of things like missing tiles, sagging areas, and damaged flashing. You should also look for evidence of animal nests or any algae. Unfortunately, if you notice any of these you will need to have some repairs done as soon as possible. The sooner you get them fixed the less chance of further damage that will cost more to repair.

The Gutters

While you are inspecting the roof, don't forget to check the gutters. Twigs, leaves, and other debris that have fallen into the gutters prevent them from diverting the rainwater and melted snow from the roof. As the water and debris fill the gutters, it can damage and begin to rot the fascia and wood along the edge of the roof. 

Trim Trees

Leaves, branches. and twigs falling from trees that overhang the roof not only fill the gutters but can also stay on the roof and rot there. This will cause damage to the shingles and may end up causing algae under the roofing that damages the wood underneath. Keep any trees near the roof well-trimmed to avoid as much of this as possible.

A few simple tasks a couple of times a year and after any bad storms will save you from a lot of grief in the future. When done on a regular basis roofing maintenance can prevent leaks in the roof that will create a lot more trouble not only for the roof but for things inside your home. If you are not comfortable getting up onto the roof to do the inspection, contact a professional roofer. While it may cost a bit of money to have it done, it will be a lot less than if you have to have major damage repaired because you did not have the inspection and necessary maintenance.

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