3 Reasons You May Need Roof Replacement Services Before Your Roof Is Old And Worn Out

You expect to replace your roof when your shingles get old, but there are times when your roof may need to be replaced long before you're ready for the expense. A tree might crash on your roof in a bad storm, and if something like that happens, you'll need a new roof no matter how old it is. Here are some other reasons you might need to have roof replacement services.

1. When Your Roof Has Damage From Poor Ventilation 

You may not even realize your attic and roof need the right amount of ventilation to prevent heat damage to the shingles. Ventilation usually occurs passively when air is pulled in through vents in the soffit boards and out through the roof vent. If the soffit vents get covered up with insulation in the attic, ventilation decreases and heat builds in your attic.

This prematurely ages your shingles. It can cause them to curl up and wear out due to the excess heat. If only a few shingles are affected, the roofer might make repairs, but if a lot of shingles are damaged, a new roof may be necessary.

2. When Moss Covers your Roof

You might think moss on your roof gives it an interesting look. It might be a look you like, but the moss is probably damaging your roof by lifting shingles and holding moisture against the deck. Moss is not like algae which is mostly a cosmetic problem. Moss has roots that burrow and spread. If the moss is widespread, your roof could have so much damage that it has to be replaced.

You can often prevent the need for a roof replacement by having the moss killed as soon as you notice it and while it's confined to a small section of the roof.

3. When The Shingles Have Hail Damage

A fairly common reason to need roof replacement services is hail damage. A storm with a lot of hail can damage many of the shingles on your roof. When many are damaged, a roof replacement is a better option than trying to replace or repair only the damaged ones.

Your insurance may recommend a roof replacement and pay for it when there were several hail strikes on the roof that left cracks or bruises behind.

When your roof has any kind of damage, including a roof leak, your roofer has to determine the best way to spend your money. Sometimes, repairs are the right approach. If there is a lot of damage, such as a water-damaged deck that's sagging, your roofer may recommend a roof replacement instead even if your roof isn't near the end of its life yet.

You can get the longest life from your roof by keeping up with repairs, so don't let a roof leak or other damage go on too long without calling for help.

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