Longer-Term Fixes For Moss Growth On Your Roof

Is there moss on your roof? In the short term, a good solution is to call a roofing company and have them come remove the moss. They can do so by using herbicides and "gentle" cleaning methods that won't cause damage to the underlying roof materials. This will get rid of the moss and stop it from accelerating roof deterioration. It's a good approach — but it's not a complete approach for one key reason: the moss can grow back. If you want to stop moss growth once and for all, you need to take a longer-term approach, too. Here are some longer-term fixes that will keep moss from growing back.

Have the really bad shingles replaced.

Moss does not have true roots, but it does have root-like structures that grow into the surfaces it decides to inhabit. Even once the moss is mostly removed from a shingle, some of these root structures can remain embedded in the shingle. They can grow back into full-blown moss when the conditions are right. It is therefore wise to have your roofer replace the shingles that are the most moss-covered. Actually, if moss is only growing on a small part of the roof, you may be better off replacing all the shingles that had moss on them, just to be sure.

Install zinc strips.

Moss does not like zinc and does not grow well in its presence. There are zinc sprays you can buy and apply to your roof, but they are not very long-lasting. For a longer-term solution, ask your roofer to install strips of zinc on your roof. They can be nailed right onto the roof along the peak – one on every side. Zinc ions will run down the roof and coat the shingles so moss is less apt to grow back.

Install Gutter Guards

Installing gutter guards may seem like an odd way to reduce moss growth, but it can be surprisingly effective. Gutter guards ensure your gutters stay clear so they always flow freely. They will make sure your roof does not stay wet or as long, which will make it a less appealing surface for moss growth.

Moss growth is not good for your roof, but luckily, there is a lot you can do about it. Consider the longer-term solutions above, and talk to your roofer to learn more about them. Good luck, and best wishes on your long-lived roof.

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