Why You Should Go With A Standing Seam Metal Roof For Your New Installation

Are you in the market for a new roof installation? Are you willing to change the type of materials you use for the roof if it can provide some additional benefits? Here's why you might want to opt for a standing seam metal roofing installation instead of just sticking with asphalt shingles or whatever you are using for your current roof.

Metal Roofing Stands the Test of Time

If you want a roof that is well constructed and can last for multiple decades, it's hard to go wrong with an installation of standing steam metal for your new roof. The materials combined with how it's all configured together will make your roof very resistant to cracking or fading over time. This metal roof may cost a premium over a basic roof crafted with asphalt shingles but the investment will pay off over the long haul due to incredible and long-lasting durability.

Can Handle Extreme Weather

If your neck of the woods is known for getting some bad storms from time to time, this type of metal roof may help you weather those storms. Regardless of whether it's heavy rainfall, a lot of snow, or significant winds, your standing seam metal roof has the strength to stand up to Mother Nature. It would take quite a bit to damage your new metal roof in comparison to how easily high winds might be able to rip off an asphalt shingle or two.

Reduce the Amount of Heat That Enters Your Home

Metal roofing is outstanding if you are looking to become more energy efficient during the summertime. That's because metal roofing reflects the sun's rays instead of soaking them up like asphalt can. This means there will be less heat getting into your home from up top and your air conditioning system won't have to work as hard to keep your family cool.

A Solid Choice for the Environment

It's possible to craft a metal roof made entirely out of recycled materials. This will make your new installation environmentally friendly and sustainable for the future. If the day should come when you decide to move on from a metal roof, the materials will be recyclable.

Metal Doesn't Mean Boring

All of this strength and durability sounds great but does that mean your roof is going to be just a giant sheet of metal that looks terrible from the curb? The truth is, it doesn't have to be. You can get a standing seam metal roof in a wide variety of different finishes and colors. You can find the right metal roof that is a perfect match for your home's exterior and actually enhance your curb appeal when all is said and done.

For more information on standing seam metal roofing, contact a professional near you.

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