Reasons You Need Your Roof Repaired Or Replaced

Your roof is one of the major barriers you have against severe weather, temperature, and pollution. When a roof is not living up to expectations, it is time to consider repairs or having the roof replaced entirely.

Older Roofs

As your roof approaches the end of its lifespan, you will need to start contemplating a replacement. How long a roof lasts is contingent upon its material and current condition. Tile or slate roofs last a long time. Metal roofs also have a longer lifespan, but there will be some variability based on the type of metal. The more common and less expensive roofs, such as asphalt shingles may last a shorter time. If you have an older home, it can be difficult to determine when the roof was installed or last repaired. Having a roofing contractor evaluate your roof can give you an idea of the approximate age of your roof and how much time you have until it needs to be replaced under ideal conditions. The lifespan of any type of roof is only approximate. If you experience severe weather, it may destroy the roof, regardless of age.

Obvious Damage

It can be harder to notice external damage if you cannot inspect your roof or do not have regular roof evaluations. If you have a roof composed of shingles, missing or damaged shingles need to be replaced. You should inspect your roof after major weather events to see if any of the shingles have blown off or cracked. For asphalt shingles, granule loss can be a clue. The granules on asphalt give the appearance of texture and sheen on the roof. When the granules are lost, the shingles can look dull and smoother. Changes in coloration of the shingles can also be a clue to granule loss.

If your roof has valleys, shingle damage or loss at the valleys can be especially problematic. Instead of water running off the roof at this point, it may collect or seep under the roof. Some types of damage are not as obvious outside. You will need to periodically check the roof from the inside of your home, especially if you have an attic. If the ceiling is sagging, this is a significant concern. Not only will this cause water damage, but the roof might fail.

There are any number of reasons you need your roof repaired or replaced. Routine evaluations of your roof can help you identify problems before they turn into a catastrophic roof failure. 

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