Need A Roof Replacement? Answers To The Questions You Might Have

Is your roof severely damaged? When the damage is so bad that repairs won't be sufficient enough and it's simply not salvageable, a roof replacement will be necessary. If this will be your first time needing a roof replacement, you might have a few questions to ask beforehand. Receiving the answers to these common questions that homeowners have can help you understand the work involved in replacing a roof and how long it will usually take.

Does the Roof Need to Be Inspected Before Getting Replaced?

Before replacing your roof, the roofing contractors will inspect the damage. Even if you know you need to have your roof replaced because it's in terrible condition, they still need to see the roof for themselves. It will also allow them to see how big the roof is, which helps the contractors determine how much material they need to complete this roof replacement project.

Will the Roofing Contractors Remove the Old Materials Before Installing the New Roof?

When a roof is severely damaged, those old materials need to be removed, especially when they're cracked and rotting. However, you may wonder if you must remove the old materials before the contractors start working on your roof. The good news is that homeowners aren't expected to handle the damaged roof. As part of the replacement process, the roofing contractors will carefully remove those damaged materials, dispose of them, and then work on the new roof installation.

How Long Will It Take to Get the Roof Replaced?

It can take several days to complete a roof replacement, but this will depend on the roof size and whether the weather in your area cooperates or not. Because several steps are involved, including getting rid of the old roofing materials, adding underlayments, and putting down the new roofing materials, it can take about three days to complete, if not longer than that. You can discuss the timeframe with the contracts you hire for an even better estimate.

Will the Roofing Materials Be the Same as the Previous Roof or Different?

You can have the same roofing materials laid down or select new materials. If you want your roof to look different or would like it to last longer than your current one, you can talk to the contractors about the materials used, such as metal, concrete, or asphalt.

If you need a roof replacement, work with contractors willing to help you with everything, such as inspecting the damage, removing old materials, helping you select the best materials, and installing the new roof.

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