Recommendations For A Shingle Repair Or Replacement On Your Home's Roof

Your home is protected by a solid and watertight roof, which is constantly exposed to the sun and weather events that can leave it worn out and damaged. As a responsible homeowner, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to make responsible and informed decisions to keep your roof in good repair and replace it when needed. Here are some recommendations to help you out with your roof's maintenance and replacing it with new materials.

Evaluate Your Roof

To keep your roof working its best, you need to keep an eye on it to watch its condition and make sure it is still holding up well to protect your home's interior. When you begin to notice signs that your roof needs replacement, such as curling or broken shingles, have a professional inspection to make sure there are no interior water leaks or other underlying damage that may be due to your roof's decaying condition. You can also watch out for signs of roof problems, such as excessive granules washed down from the downspout after a rainstorm, shingles lying in your yard, or darker patches over the surface of your roof.

There are times when you can complete your own DIY roof repairs to keep your roof holding up until you need to replace it in full. For example, many homeowners have extra shingles stored away from their home's last roof replacement. If you have safe access to your home's roof and aren't at risk of falling off during the repairs, climb up on the roof and replace broken shingles or install new shingles for any missing shingles.

Arrange For Replacement

However, if your roof is made of tile or clay that is brittle and at risk of breaking if you walk over it or if your home is showing signs of serious damage or multiple leaks into your attic or home, it is best to contact a roofer to handle the repairs. A professional roofer will be able to determine the full extent of your home's condition and inspect for roof damage to the shingles, under layers, and the roofing deck, rafters, and trusses. 

Select the type of roof that best fits your home and the climate. Just because your home has old shingles made of asphalt does not mean you cannot upgrade to a Spanish clay tile or metal sheeting roof that will have a much longer life and value for your home. Or you may wish to replace your roof with a light-colored shingle to help reflect the sun's rays off your home and keep your home's cooling costs lower during the summer.

Consult with your roofing professional about the full removal of your old roof before installing the new roof. This may be necessary based on the condition of the roof's under layers and to inspect for damage. However, if your roof is only showing signs of surface wear on asphalt shingles, it is still advisable to remove the full shingle layer and install the new one over a clean surface.

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