Advice For Homeowners Working With Residential Roofers Offering Guarantees/Warranties

There are different criteria you'll need to look at when making a residential roofing decision. One of the most important is a roofing warranty. It gives you extra protection when doing things to your roof, whether it's a roof replacement or repair. Just make sure you do these things when assessing roofers offering these types of guarantees. 

See Exactly What's Covered

To assess the true value of working with a residential roofer that offers warranties, you need to see what exactly they cover. This may not be the same for every residential roofer in your area, so you want to find out before any work is completed on your property.

It could be warranties on specific problems that could happen, such as water and hail damage. Or maybe the warranty is more extensive. Finding out for certain lets you know about the warranty quality and how much protection you're agreeing to.

Find Out Warranty Length

Another thing that will make a huge difference in who you end up working with to repair or restore your property's roof is the length of warranty provided. Again, this attribute can vary from one roofer to the next.

Some roof warranties are pretty long-lasting to give you as much protection as possible after roof repairs or replacements are provided. Other warranties may be shorter. Just make sure the warranty length is outlined in the contract somewhere so that if you find terms you like, you can lock them in with a particular roofer.

Understand Warranty Voids

Sometimes, homeowners are in such a hurry to work with residential roofers offering warranties that they don't perform due diligence as far as finding out what could void the warranty. Don't make this mistake. You need to find this out so that if you find a roofer that offers an attractive warranty, you can keep it active for as long as it's supposed to last. 

Some roof warranties are voided when the wrong repair methods are used or when the wrong materials are set up. If you work with the same roofer, it'll be easy to avoid voiding the warranty. After identifying every type of void, it will be easy to maximize working with a guarantee-style of residential roofer. 

Guarantee roofers are basically professionals that offer warranties on their work. If you plan on hiring one, take your time assessing various aspects of their guarantees. Then you can find the right coverage and repair professional for whatever you want done to your home. Look for a 10-year guarantee residential roofer or one offering similar warranties in your area. 

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