5 Signs Of A Bad Roofing Job

Installing a new roof is an exciting experience as you look forward to improving the aesthetics of your home. However, many roofing jobs don't turn out as expected. This is why you should hire an experienced roofer for quality workmanship. Here are some signs of a bad roofing job.

An Uneven Looking Roof

If your roof doesn't look uniform, this is a sign of a bad roofing job. One of the features of an uneven roof is a sagging roofline. Rooflines should be straight. If you notice a curve or a dip, the framing of the roof is the culprit. The other possibility is that the roof decking wasn't replaced.

Another sign of an uneven-looking roof is when the shingles are different in color. Your roofer can rectify this by installing matching shingles. Make sure you rectify an uneven roof before it results in leaks.

Stains on Your Roof

If you notice black stains on your roof, it may be leaking. Inspect your attic in those stained areas to establish the extent of the leak. Your roofer can fix isolated leaks without re-installing a new roof. However, if there is extensive damage, including spots where the roof's surface has come off, you may be facing a larger problem. In this case, your roofer may have to install a new roof.

Missing Drip Edge

The drip edge protects the board under your roof from water damage. It is situated between the shingles and underlayment and goes over the gutters. Roofers affix drip edges with roofing cement and nails. A missing drip edge on a new roof installation can result in staining, mold, rot, and a flooded basement. You may also notice soil erosion along your home's foundation.

Missing Underlayment

Underlayment is a sheet of felt paper or tar that serves as a waterproof barrier. This protective layer is placed under the roof shingles. If your roof doesn't have an underlayment, it is more vulnerable to water leaks. A missing underlayment also makes your roof age quickly. Therefore, ensuring your roof has underlayment is one way of improving its lifespan.


As a homeowner, you should beware of the signs of a poor roof installation and fix the problems as soon as you can. As a rule of thumb, avoid DIY new roof installations and hire an experienced and licensed roofer. Additionally, use quality roofing materials and compare the quotes of different local roofing services to find the appropriate roofer for your home.

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