TPO Roofing Might Be The Best Choice For Your Industrial Building With A Flat Roof

You might be looking at options in flat roofing if your industrial roof needs to be replaced. If your roof is flat and covers a large space, membrane roofing could be a good choice. Of those, TPO roofing is often a good selection for an industrial environment. Talk to an industrial roofing contractor about your choices in roofing so you make a wise decision with your new roof. Here's why a TPO membrane might be what you need.

The Membranes Weld Together

TPO roofing membranes come in different lengths and widths. However, they aren't wide enough to cover a large roof with a single membrane. Instead, your roofer has to bond membranes together at the seams. Industrial roofing contractors seam these membranes together using heat. A heat welder fuses two membranes to each other to form a tight bond that should last for many years. However, your roofer will inspect the seams when they do an inspection and repair any that are starting to work loose.

White Roofing Membranes Keep Your Building Cool

White is a popular color for TPO membrane roofing. However, you can choose a different color if you want. White is popular since it keeps your building cooler. When you have a large flat roof exposed to the sun, the sun can heat up the building if the heat is absorbed through the roof, as might happen with a dark-colored roof. White reflects the sun, so there is less solar warming, and that could help with energy bills for a large industrial building.

TPO Is A Durable Material

TPO roofing is made from recycled products and it can be recycled at the end of its life. TPO resists fire, algae, impacts, damage from foot traffic, and exposure to chemicals and oils that vent from your building. The roofing isn't indestructible, but it is tough and it has a long life. Your new roof could last a few decades, which makes it a good investment for your industrial property.

TPO Membranes Are Easy To Work With

These roofing membranes can be installed in a few ways. They can go over old roofing or over new insulation boards. Some membranes are self-adhering when applied over the right surfaces, and these make good flashing. Other membranes can be glued down, attached with screws, or held in place with gravel. Your industrial roofing contractor can help you choose the right way to install your new roof so it has a long life and looks attractive.

Once your roof is installed, you may want a maintenance contract so the roofer returns on schedule to check your new roof and keep up with repairs. Maintenance is important so your new roof gives you many years of service. For more information, contact an industrial roofing contractor near you.

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