Do You Have Mold On Your Roof?

If you find moldy shingles on the ground around your property, ask a roofing contractor to check your roof soon. Mold can grow beneath your shingles over time. If you don't remove the moldy shingles from your roof soon, the fungus can spread to other places in your home. Learn how shingles become moldy and how you can fix your roof below.

How Did Mold Grow Under Your Shingles?

It may shock you to find mold growing on your roof. Although you usually find mold growing inside a home, the fungus can also grow on structures outside a home. Mold can grow anywhere that contains water, including damp roofing shingles.

In addition to water, mold loves to feed on organic substances. Most roofing shingles contain asphalt and other organic materials. Spores of mold can travel to your damp roof and feed on the shingles covering it. If you don't remove the moldy shingles from your roof soon, the fungus can travel to the rest of your home over time.

How Do You Repair a Moldy Roof?

You can try to remove the mold from your roof with a power washer. However, a power washer may cause leaks and other problems in your roof. The best way to remove the moldy shingles from your roof is to allow a roofing contractor to do the job for you.

A contractor will need to remove all of the shingles from your roof to keep mold from damaging your home. A roofer will also need to clean the surface of your bare roof before they install new shingles on them. You want to remove all of the mold from your roof before you cover it with new shingles. Even the smallest area of mold can turn into large patches over time. The patches of mold may enter your attic and cause problems for it as well. 

After a contractor cleans your roof, they'll cover it with new shingles. A roofer may need to use another type of asphalt shingles for your roof. Some types of newer shingles contain waterproof additives and coatings that keep them dry during the year. The new shingles may resist mold growth as well. A contractor can discuss their roofing products and help you choose shingles that work best for your roof and home. 

If you need help removing moldy shingles from your roof, contact a roofing company like Dana Logsdon Roofing today.

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