Brilliant Ways Business Owners Can Shield Their Roofs from Storms

Storms are mostly characterized by ordinary rains. But the situation can get catastrophic if thunderstorms, tornados, and strong winds accompany the storm. Of course, you expect your commercial roof to beat all these elements without developing problems. But, this won't be the case if your roof is too weak to withstand harsh weather conditions. So how can you ensure that your roof offers much-needed protection all year round? Read on to learn some fundamental maintenance tips. 

Coming Up With a Maintenance Plan

Storms are incapable of crashing your roof. However, it is the state of your roofing system that makes it vulnerable to inclement weather. For instance, you could suffer huge losses if you barely take time to check the situation of your roof regularly. Typically, damaged flashing, cracked roofing surface, or an ineffective drainage system exposes your home to the devastating effects of a heavy storm. So before the heavy rains come, call your roofer to inspect the rooftop and fix any evident issues. 

Flashing Inspections Are Fundamental 

The flashing is one of a roof's most crucial yet delicate parts. Its main function is to conceal all intersections from leaks. Unfortunately, the flashing is prone to damage by strong winds, hail, and heavy rains. For this reason, your roof's flashing should always remain in excellent condition. So during routine inspections, ensure that your roofer checks the condition of this component. However, you should avoid DIY installations and fixes as it does not yield excellent results.

Ensure Roof-Mounted Machines Are Well Positioned

If your HVAC is on the rooftop, as with most commercial buildings, always spare some time to check if it is still well-mounted because if not, your roof will leak when storms hit. This applies to all other equipment, such as solar panels and skylights. And if you are unsure about the state of these systems, hire your roofer to conduct a more thorough inspection. 

Trim All Tress Regularly

Trees beautify your property but only if they are well-trimmed. Otherwise, they pose a danger to your roof during storms. Branches and leaves can pile on your roof, compromising the drainage system. To avoid this, ensure your trees are properly trimmed days before the storms. 

Now you know how to protect your roof during a storm. But remember that you cannot execute these measures effectively without the help of a professional roofing company. So partner with a local roofing company today to ensure that your commercial roof remains in top shape all year around.

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