Can Winter Weather Damage Your Roof?

A strong and attractive roof adds style and a bit of flair to your house, making it stand out from other neighboring homes. Even better, it protects your home from pests and harsh weather elements. However, as the roof protects your home, it can suffer damage that can compromise its functionality. This is particularly true during winter. But this should not worry you because you can always hire a roofer to restore your roof's look and integrity. Here is how winter can wreak havoc on your roof and why you should seek repair services ASAP.

1. Snow Leaks

Winter is characterized by snow, which can be bad news if it happens on your roof. This snow will eventually melt, forming water, which may leak into your home through shingle gaps. Water is a major threat to your roof. It can cause wood rot, making your roof sag or even collapse. What's more, water creates conditions that favor mold growth. Since mold causes respiratory complications, it is the last thing you want in your home. If you see water streaks on your walls and ceiling during winter, snow water has infiltrated your home, and you need to engage a licensed roofer to prevent costly damages.

2. The Weighty Snow

There is a good reason experts advise against walking on your roof. Generally, your roof has a limit to the weight it can support. Unfortunately, this limit may be pushed to the extreme when snow builds up on the roof during winter, making it collapse. If you have heard about cases of roof collapse, you know it can leave behind severe damage and serious injuries. So should you remove accumulated snow on your roof with shovels or salt? No, since you could damage your shingles. You need to engage a roofer who can remove the snow and inspect your roof framework for damage. If they notice any damage, they will go out of their way to fix it before it becomes a disaster.

3. Strong Winds

Besides snow, winter sometimes comes with strong winds that can take a toll on your roof. The force of the winds can rip off loose shingles and destroy the flashing and chimney. Worse still, strong winter winds can snap tree branches, which may fall on your roof, causing punctures. A roof with holes won't protect your home from water damage. Get on a call with a roofer for immediate patching.

Winter weather can ruin your roof in more ways than one. As such, it is important to watch out for any winter-related damage and get a licensed roofer for timely repairs. The contractor will offer your roof the repair service it deserves to ensure it is as strong and appealing as before.

For more information, reach out to a professional roofer.

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