Gutter Installation Mistakes To Avoid

Gutters are critical fixtures in all homes. Without gutters, you wouldn't have protection against water-related damage. The gutters divert rainwater to the ground far from your home's foundation. Gutter installation is one of the most critical construction projects. You should hire a professional for your gutter installations to avoid the following DIY mistakes.

Improper Gutter Placement

Where you place your downspouts, and the number of downspouts you use will affect the efficiency of your gutter system. Insufficient downspouts can lead to stagnant water and overflow of water when there is heavy rainfall. The wrong placement of gutters can result in soil erosion around your house, damage to the foundation, and pest infestation in the gutters. 

Gutters should be placed behind or under the roof's drip edge. This allows water to pass through the drip edge and into the gutter. The drip edge and gutter control the water flow and help protect your home's underlying elements. When the drip edge is fixed incorrectly, and the gutters are below the drip edge, water will flow past the gutters, damaging the wood that supports the gutters.

Leaving Wide Spaces Between Gutter Hangers 

Gutter hangers provide support and stability to the roof's gutters. When the gutter hangers are placed too far apart, they tend to sag when there is heavy rainfall or snow. As a result, the excess weight of heavy rainfall or snow causes the gutters to separate from your home. This is why you should avoid DIY gutter installation and hire a professional because they know the correct spacing for gutter hangers. 

Improper Pitch and Level

Gutters are supposed to be pitched slightly. An improper pitch will cause water to fill up in the gutters and overflow. Also, a pitch that is too sharp isn't aesthetically pleasing. A professional gutter installation service will ensure your gutters slope correctly.

Additionally, gutters should be level from the front to the back. An improper level will cause water to spill over the edge of the gutters. Many DIYers hang the gutters so the front edge is leaning forward too much. To avoid this pitfall, professionals use a level when installing the gutters.

In Closing

To avoid mistakes in gutter installation, ensure you hire a professional gutter installation service. The professional will not only help with proper gutter placement, but they will also inspect your roof for underlying problems. 

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